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MARCH 2024



Chaired by Paul Sams, Partner, Dutton Gregory and Natalie Moore, Managing Director, Aconveyancing


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So looking forward to the Modern Law Conveyancing Conference.  A really exciting set of speakers.  This is not a conference where folks are standing there trying to sell you a new product on stage.  It is there to help the delegates focus on what is important, the people side of things.  Whether that be their clients, their colleagues or their suppliers, this event is all about the people.  In a superb venue with a genuinely exciting line up this is not the same people saying the same thing.  Be prepared for something different and eye opening. I cannot wait”.

- Paul Sams, Conference Chair


"The Modern Law Conveyancing Conference takes both a birds eye view and specific focus on both the issues faced in the conveyancing profession and the opportunities for change. 

WHO its aimed at - law firm owners and conveyancing leaders, decision makers, those who are

open-minded to driving change and modernise the profession .

WHAT makes it different - the event encourages collaboration, focusing on conveyancing as a whole rather than individual gains.

WHY people should go - because conveyancing will modernise, and being part of that movement now will place leaders ahead of the game.

The reason we have chosen the themes we have - it’s the responsibility of law firm owners to face up to the problems we have in the workplace right now - not simply waiting for policies to be made or legislation updated. Let’s retain and protect the amazing talent we have in the industry, avoid burn-out, move past archaic practices, embrace change and modernise our brilliant profession."

– Natalie Moore, Conference Chair

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